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K&K Design has been teaching Web Design since 1999. Our philosophy is based on a checklist of traits. We believe all good websites have common elements even though their designs are different.

  • Good brand recognition
  • Ease of navigation is clear and consistent
  • Main message/Tag line is clear and central to design
  • Highlighted main topics/features
  • Good color balance and color scheme

We started teaching in 1999 by writing the curriculum used at Columbia University's Department of Continuing Education in New York City. This sylibus was used by all the Adjunct Professors teaching the Web Design I class. After teaching at Columbia for two years, I started teaching the same class at the Somerset County Technical Institute, in Bridgewater NJ. I have been teaching there ever since.


Latest Work

Mount Saint Mary's Academy
Logo Design; Table-less CSS Site design; ASP; Database; Administration area, SSL,
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